About Us

The Preferred B2B Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Malaysia


SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a kitchen equipment supplier in Malaysia that was named after its predecessor, Sunware Centre, and incorporated in 2015. Sunware Centre was first established in 2008, started out as a sole proprietorship and was set up as the first household utensil retail store in Batang Kali town, Hulu Selangor.


Two years later, the company expanded the business further and opened its first retail store in Kuala Kubu Bharu town. Following that, Sunware Centre subsequently opened up a third store at Slim River, at Southern Perak in 2010. Since then, Sunware’s business has continued to grow and expand further each year. The successful business experience obtained in the early days encouraged Sunware Centre to focus on more business growth opportunities. 


The management organised a major company restructure to function more efficiently and keep abreast of economical and environmental changes, as well as to explore more exciting opportunities for business development and growth. After years of hard work and dedication to our business goals, Sunware Centre managed to successfully expand the business as a kitchen equipment supplier in Malaysia substantially and slowly develop into a modernised retail chain store.



Supplying Professional Cooking Equipment Across Malaysia


It has taken a total of over 14 years to get to where we are now. Throughout those years, we have been supplying and distributing professional cooking equipment to all types of customers, from restaurants to ice cream shops and even fine dining hotels. 


That’s why we know the right product for your industry, and we always make sure we distribute and supply only high-quality and durable kitchenware, which includes everything from bar stools to dishwashers.


The fleet of retail chain stores is well established and strategically located in all major towns in the Klang Valley. With the many years of experience in the business, Sunware Centre’s chain stores were able to gain massive success by being able to pinpoint the strong market potential in the household utensil industry ahead of its competitors. By then, the company had prepared a full-scale plan to penetrate the Malaysian national market in terms of distributing professional cooking equipment



Becoming The Largest Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Kuala Lumpur


As part of the company’s corporate expansion programme, Sunware Centre was restructured and rebranded as SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd. The newly formed SWC company is now ready to move into Malaysia’s neighbouring nations’ markets by 2017 and has widely become the most trusted kitchen equipment supplier in Kuala Lumpur by most restaurants, hotels, cafes, and businesses.